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Better Than Ever

Today we are proud to release version 1.2 for our Android and iOS Where are the Eyes clients.

New features:

  • Users can remove any cameras they have marked, allowing anyone to “undo” their mistakes

  • Haptic feedback to make it obvious when the app is processing a newly marked camera

  • Satellite map (can be toggled in settings)

  • Significant UI improvements (Primarily on Android)

  • Made it much easier to disable Mapbox Metrics

Bug fixes:

  • Preferences work correctly now (iOS)

  • Fixed an Android crash bug related to removing resources on a background thread

The map has grown to encompass 961 cameras across five continents, all in only a couple of weeks. We are very excited to grow further, and work more closely both with OpenStreetMap and other surveillance activist groups.

Posted 11/11/16