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Version 1.2.1 Released

Today we’ve released an update for Android and iOS, fixing several longstanding bugs and adding translations for two new languages. Chief among these bugs, the Android client will no longer poll for location data while in the background (saving considerable battery life), and the iOS client no longer throws away all camera data when a network connection is interrupted. The update also includes an assortment of UI improvements and minor bug fixes.

It may take some time for the update to propagate through the App, Play, and F-Droid stores, but it should be available to everyone in the next day or two.

An update on the map growth:

  • 3977 cameras marked
  • 1289 users registered

We’re thrilled with the progress everyone is making, and hope to contribute more regular updates to the software soon. We believe Where are the Eyes is more important now than ever, and our highest software priority remains integrating with OpenStreetMap to unify with other surveillance activism groups.

Hello to all our Spanish and Japanese-speaking users!

Posted 3/15/17