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Blinding the Eyes

We’re busy working on the next Eyes release, aiming to have it more feature packed and faster than ever. Had to take this break to share an article contributed by one of you, though!

WikiHow has a piece on 3 Ways to Blind a Surveillance Camera, with some pretty humorous imagery. Their suggestions focus on using lasers and flashlights to overwhelm cameras as you pass, so they are unable to gather details about your face. Keep in mind that jamming cameras with malicious intent is likely illegal in your country, as is causing any permanent damage.

As an alternative, consider taking steps to fool facial-recognition software, or even prevent facial identification altogether. There are several lists of clothing and technology that can help reduce the chance of being identified by cameras.

Of course, the best defense from surveillance is to avoid surveillance technology altogether. Keep your head down, your face obscured, and follow the map.

Some updated statistics:

  • 5024 Cameras
  • 2028 Users

That’s 60 new users and over a hundred new cameras in under a month!

Posted 7/19/17